League of Stickman: Ninja App Reviews

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Good but sketch

It's a good game, plays well...I would be weary of buying because half the time you literally will not get a character even if you payed. They will not give you the character, refund you, or even communicate...So customer service is serious when money is involved and I can't go higher than2 stars.


I paid for valcan and It won’t let me play him its fun but I want a refund or my character

Love game but....

Love the game, its incredible but it keeps force closing the game every time i go either into endless mode or settings

Good Game & Attention Keeper

Downloaded your app not to long ago and I love it the entire game is awesome and functions well. I haven't played a stick game with so much character.

good games

nice one


The game is pretty simple but very awesome, occupies some good time! Recommended definitely!!


Good game so far 👌


Everything about this game is good, it’s fun I enjoyed the little time I played it. However, I do not recommend buying any packs or anything from in game. I bought a pack and have yet to receive what I paid for and for that I only give it 2 stars.


Great Game


I bough the samurai pack and didn’t get it. It still charged me for it so this either needs fixing or this game is high robbery!

Best stick fighter game!

This game is flame I soooo recommend playing this fun game.🔥

Stick man

Is this really what I have to go through to get a 100 gems 😝 best worst game ever

Very Awesome

I play it everyday and at mid night my favorite one if monkey! Like look at his moves!!!

stick man

The best stickman game I ever played


Awesome game

One of the best stick man games

I really love stockman games, and one of my favorite one’s is a ninja one, I will recommend this to a friend. (1,000/5)


Great game


game is pretty good


I like stick men I like stick men battles this would be recommended for anyone

Good game

Grate game

Amazing game

This kind of game should be very popular

I f***ing love this game.

The game itself is fluent and has awesome gameplay along with great and unique characters. This game is a one in a million find and I'm happy it was in my recommend list. The only complaint I have is the ways to get gems. Could you mabye up the prizes for the daily missions to 10 every weekend?

Sound always glitches out and this game is better on android

No free gems for repeat of stages which greatly decreases its replay value. The sound effects start to disappear after 2 or 3 stages. This app feels abandoned. I have tried to contact the developer via Facebook and messenger but no response.



Amazing game

Great game worth playing, super fun I can play it all day,addicted


All the heroes are from League of Legends :/

Gems too slow

Otherwise playing nonstop

Awesome game👌👌

It's an amazing and addicting game just wish it was easier to get heroes and diamonds

Its cool but...

The characters are expansive and It takes way too long to build up gems. Other than that it's a fun game


Addicting Game play it almost all my free time


It's a fun game and pretty addicting


Developers!! Don't give up on the game, keep updating it. This game is the only free version that has the latest updates and has multiplayer. One think I would recommend is to make it hd.🤤

Give me my old stuff.

Can I get blade because I had him in the other game and I worked really hard please I really worked hard playing.


This game is very addictive

Please help

I'm not able to get the monkey on this version and I brought a lot of stuff

It's free

Pretty awesome game


It's a pretty good game considering it's free.

Great stick man Game

Active Team! Great addicting game.

Best Game ever!

Recommend it to everyone!

Did not receive items or heroes purchased

Hello I did not receive several items and heroes that I purchased and was charged 8 time for the same thing that I did not receive please fix thanks/ Also my previous purchased heroes are missing and I spent a little ove $30 on that alone very unsatisfied I may never play again.

Fun game

Can't buy anything

Bad game

Repetitive gameplay and characters copied from League of Legends (without permission from Riot) made this game very bad.


This game is just perfect. It doesn't keep asking you for money, and it has good fighting!



Great game!!

Overall very good game, i play it for hours on end. And to the person who can't play music turn off game music that what i did

Can't listen to music

The fact I can't listen to music is a deal breaker , constantly the sound on the app goes out and I have to clear the game for it to come back and now I can't play my music and play the game


This game is awesome

League of stickman

Great game to get highly recommended


Copy of league of legends

One of the best games to get

Highly addictive and wildly entertaining

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